Tubes Product List

8F through 16F sizes, flow-through end, some with bolus (weighted tip) and stylet, opaque or clear with radiopaque stripe, 36-inch or 45-inch length

For direct endoscopic placement, when immediate small-bowel feeding is important

PEG Kits

Gastrostomy Kit With Reinforced Webbed Bumper


Guidewire technique provides control during insertion

Gastrostomy Kit With T-Fasteners


Guidewire technique provides control during insertion; T-fasteners offer additional security during stoma tract maturation

Introducer Gastrostomy Kit


Introducer technique, balloon catheter for nonendoscopic removal

Inverta-PEG Pull Technique


Specially designed bumper enables nonendoscopic removal

Inverta-PEG Over-The-Guidewire Technique


Specially designed bumper enables nonendoscopic removal

Versa-PEG Gastrostomy Kit


Push technique, balloon catheter for nonendoscopic removal
Lap G

Lap G Kit


Laparoscopic gastrostomyВ—alternative to PEG or open surgical placement
Lap J

Lap J Kit


Laparoscopic jejunostomyВ—alternative to open surgical jejunostomy, NCJ and PEJ


Premium gastrostomy tube design for use in an existing stoma as a replacement tube or as a primary catheter in a Stamm or Witzel procedure



Side port fits Luer-tip syringe



Side port fits irrigation-tip syringe


Variety of tubes and placement techniques to enhance small-bowel feeding

Jejunal Feeding Tube


30 inches long; stylet facilitates placement; for use with existing gastrostomy or PEG tube

Jejunostomy Tube


For replacement or primary surgical placement

Over-The-Guidewire Jejunal Feeding Tube


Over-the-guidewire procedure facilitates placement into small bowel; for use with existing gastrostomy or PEG tube


Inconspicuous for patient, offers easy stoma care

Hide-A-Port Extension Tubes


Fit all Hide-A-Port tube sizes

Hide-A-Port Low-Profile Balloon Tube


Slim external retention hub design

Hide-A-Port Stoma Measuring Device


Easy-to-read markings

Stomate Decompression Tube


For decompressing the stomach

Stomate Extension Tubes


Fits all Stomate tube sizes

Stomate Low Profile Tube


Lies close to body for more-natural appearance

Y-Port Connector With Right-Angle Adapter


For use with Stomate

Double lumen system permits small-bowel feeding and gastric decompression or suctioning

Affixes stomach or jejunum to abdominal wall for security during placement and stoma tract maturation

Connectors & Adapters

A variety of connectors and adapters enhance system flexibility; interlocking feeding set connectors minimize set separation and leakage

Irrigation Adapter


Changes Y-Port to fit irrigation-tip syringe

Y-Port Connector


Side port to accommodate Luer-tip or irrigation-tip syringe

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