Home Hair Color – The Best Way To Home Hair Color

Home Hair Coloring – Tip for Home Hair Coloring

Hair color that contains ammonia and peroxide are very harsh on your hair. Make sure your hair is in the best possible condition before treating your hair with these chemicals.

Tools for Home Hair Coloring

For home hair coloring you will need some of the following tools. Some of these tools may have been included with your home hair color kit.

  • A glass or plastic bowl for mixing hair color. Avoid metal bowl because metal interacts with the chemicals in the hair dye and the result you get may be surprising.
  • Vinyl gloves. Most home hair coloring kit comes with plastic gloves. But some kit includes plastic gloves that are very large. These gloves tend to fold while you use them, trapping hair dye on your hand. To make home hair coloring easier, you need plastic gloves that fit snugly around your hand. Vinyl gloves can be easily purchased at the drug store. If you color at home often, a box of professional gloves is worth the investment.
  • A small brush to touch up roots
  • A rat tail comb to lift and section your hair.
  • Hair clips to hold up some section of the hair while you work on other section.
  • A timer or alarm clock to make sure you leave the color on for the amount of time required by your home hair color kit.
  • A button down shirt preferably without a collar. A button down shirt is easier to take off than a shirt that goes over your head.
  • An old towel that you don’t care if it get stained to wipe off excess color.

If you home color your hair often, for convenience, consider making the items listed above a part of your coloring basket.

Home Hair Color – How to Color Your Hair at Home

After “, the next step is to test it. Before you color your entire head, it’s important to do a hair test strand because a test strand will let you see how the new color will look on your hair, breakage, and damage.

Hair Strand Test – How to Test Hair Color

To test your new hair color, take about ½ inch wide section of your hair from the nape of your neck (It’s important to do the hair strand test on this section of your hair because it’s where you can see and others can’t). Color it from roots to end. Leave the hair color on for the amount of time required by your home hair color kit. Rinse it and dry it thoroughly to make sure it’s the color you want and check for breakage and damage.

Home Hair Color – The Best Way to Home Color Hair

Hair coloring works best when your hair is dry and not freshly washed. Put on an old button down shirt and place a towel around your shoulder. Mix the formula. Apply the hair color to your hair in sections starting with the tops, then sides, then back, following the instruction on your home hair coloring kit. Also, as you go from sections to sections, make sure to saturate your hair evenly.

Avoid applying the hair color directly onto your scalp. And to avoid uneven color, consider getting some help applying hair color to the back of your head and area where you can’t see or reach. After you have finished applying the color, comb your hair a few times to make sure that the color is distributed evenly.

Removing Hair Color – Rinsing Out Hair Color

Follow the instructions on your hair color kit. Use a timer or alarm clock to make sure you keep the hair color on as required by your color kit. The length of time the hair color is left on will effects the result you end up with. Rinse thoroughly. Then condition your hair from root to tips and rinse again.

Hair Color Tip

While coloring your hair, the last thing you want is to realize that you don’t have enough solution to properly saturate and distribute the hair color. If you have long hair (more than 14 inches long), and are home hair coloring, consider buying two boxes of hair dye.


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