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My girlfriend and I danced till early into the morning at The best Halloween party in Portland. Best part of the party, PHANTOM proceeds support the Oregon Children’s Cancer Association. I love the souls of good Portland people and I’ve crossed paths with some good ones. Last year phantom headline was Grammy winners Naughty By Nature, it was a blast last year too! So let’s get to the fun part…

20131027-103440.jpg[embedded content]

So many people ask to touch my hair in Portland, never occurred in Austin; because I think people know better, lol. It’s not weird to me, that there is so much fascination centered around my hair. It’s pretty freaking awesome! And textually pleasing.

When I moved to Portland I shaved my head, pictures to come! It was beautiful to not be defined by my hair and redefine beauty for myself and be comfortable in my own skin. After a couple of chemistry classes the realization that the cost of a relaxer may be cancer is sickening, I will never perm my hair or add dye to my roots. I love my curly and straight natural hair! And yes, you can touch my hair if you ask first. To touch apart of my body without my consent is disrespectful. Watch the video! Don’t just look at the image rather get the larger context.

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