Beyond belief paranormal events

Beyond Belief Paranormal Events



Throughout Dawn’s many years of investigating, as well as, her experience as a clairvoyant medium, she has gathered tips and advice which she would like to share.


Are you experiencing paranormal or unexplained activity in your home or place of work?  This is Dawn’s advice:


  • Firstly, most unexplained activity can be explained!  Look for reasonable and rational reasons why this event may have occurred.  In my experience only a small number of cases I have been consulted on were true hauntings
  • Try not to attribute every little thing to spirit activity. Often, when people are experiencing activity they become hyper-sensitive to any noise, feeling, cold breezes, etc. and immediately jump to it being more evidence of a haunting.  Try to remain focused and objective about what you are experiencing.  Keep a journal of your experiences – often writing events down can help you to be objective about what is happening
  • Don’t be embarrassed or think you are going mad! More people than you think have experienced some sort of paranormal activity.  Be objective, but trust yourself!  
  • If you do believe you have a spirit in your home or work place it might be a loved one or someone you knew.  Many clients I have worked with were experiencing spirit but it was a member of the family who had passed on or a friend or someone close to them.  Trust your feelings and look for validation of who they are
  • Establish your boundaries and reclaim your space.  Don’t allow fear to dis-empower you. If you believe you do have a spirit in your home tell them they are frightening you and ask them to stop. In my experience, the majority of spirits respect this and will back off. However, sometimes you do have to get assertive and tell them to go away!  Remember you are powerful and have the right to your space!
  • If you are struggling with what is happening and want to reach out to a paranormal group like Beyond Belief or a Clairvoyant/Medium – the following questions are good to ask to make sure you are getting the right help:




  • What experience do you have?  Listen for number of years investigating or consulting with private clients, number of clients or investigations undertaken.  You want to bring in a group or individual with lots of experience of this type of work.
  • Is there anyone you have helped that will be willing to provide a reference?  Testimonials and references are a great way of checking out a groups or individuals expertise and approach.
  • What is your approach?  You will want to understand how the individual or group approaches this work. Do they come in to document activity or do they have experience of clearing or cleansing space also.
  • What equipment will be used?
  • How many people will be involved. What is their background and experience?
  • Will I get to see any evidence? How long will it take you to review evidence and present this back to me?
  • What is your policy on confidentiality and how will you assure this? 
  • Are you insured for this work?  This is an important question as you will be letting an individual or group into your home or business – you want to be assured that in the event of an incident or accident they are properly insured and indemnified.  Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.
  • What follow up help can I expect?  e.g. If you continue to experience activity, will they come back?
  • Is there a charge?  Groups and individuals will have their own feelings and thoughts on this. Dawn has not charged for this service.  However, individuals are giving up their time to help and some will be doing this type of work as a living. It might not be unreasonable for groups to ask for out of pocket expenses, particularly if there is significant travel involved.  At the end of the day you will need to make your own decision as to whether this is something you feel comfortable paying for. If you wish to pay for a service provided, make sure you are clear about what you are receiving for your money.  As always – trust your instincts!

Do you want to try and evidence or document spirit communication?


I am not an expert on photography or electronics but here are my practical tips on documenting spirit – gathered from years of investigating and learning from mistakes.


  • Always protect your energy before doing this type of work.  Its as simple as visualizing a bubble of white light surrounding you.  Ask for your guides to help you and call upon the highest and the brightest
  • When you are taking photographs outside or in cold places, hold your breathe.  I have been fooled on many occasions thinking that a mist in the photograph is evidence of spirit when it is in fact my breathe.  And this has been in places that I didn’t think it was that cold!
  • When using a digital recorder, put it on a flat surface instead of holding it.  Little movements by the hand can be picked up on the recorder and interpreted as spirit voices
  • Tag any noises whilst recording – when you are listening back you can misinterpret something non spiritual on the recorder as being spirit
  • Always record any spirit box sessions – you can catch information when listening back that you didn’t catch at the time.  Make sure the recorder is a away from the radio as too close will cause static
  • If you are using a KII meter, the lights can be activated with radio activity such as walkie-talkies
  • Be objective with orbs – most are dust or insects


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