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A dutch guy with the alias Dimitri5 has cured his cocain addiction with the use of baclofen. The following is a dutch to english translation:

In a medical article by Professor David Roberts of the University of North Carolina, he shows that rats addicted to cocaine, after administration of baclofen full interest in the hard drug losses. Olivier Ameisen, a French cardiologist, wrote in his book “The end of my addiction” how the muscle relaxant Baclofen a miracle cure for alcohol and cocaine addiction. Addiction Specialists who have treated alcohol abusers with baclofen, reported a huge success rate. For example, in the French Hospital Paul Guiraud Villejuif in 120 patients treated with baclofen, which are now almost all of their addiction. The same goes for 67 patients from the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow. The journal Alcohol and Alcoholism recommends Baclofen as cure for alcohol addiction. Soon, a scientific study published showing that cocaine addicts, smokers and patients with bulimia baclofen rid of their addiction. The Lancet writes “Baclofen is effective at Promoting alcohol abstinence in alcohol-dependent patient.” And: “The patient reported dramatic reduction in cravings for and preoccupation with alcohol.

And yet I still read almost nothing about the Dutch drug treatment sites.

I have asked my doctor for Baclofen and he has contacted the Jellinek entered and told him that Baclofen has not proven effective.

I have therefore carry 200 times Baclofen 10 mg ordered on the Internet (35 euros), after first looking in the internet or merged with my other medications (Prozac, Concerta, promethazine), including in / drug_interactions.php #. I take it 3 weeks and the results are altogether positive and sometimes quite sensational. It is not harmless, as the cardiologist in his book claims, especially in the quantities which he started. But he also used it to overcome alcoholism, cocaine addiction, while my first concerns. However, I can imagine that an alcoholic who a large amount of Baclofen in place of (much) alcohol is ingested there is comfortable with.

From 17 to 26 years I was an alcoholic, at least I have drank 20 beers and then 4 times a week during my late high school years and beyond college years. Then it was ecstasy and speed, and after starting Prozac, this speed and cocaine. In recent years I use 2 times per week and 1 gram of cocaine while drinking a half liter of wine. My biggest problem is the craving between uses. Controlled use is more a matter of not more money than wise use. On the days I do not drink although I do not use cocaine.

The craving is usually absent from 2 to 3 after the last use, but if I have money or have the feeling that it can borrow from my partner, then the natural craving present. The craving is largely psychological, but soon felt purely physical. I feel very restless for hours, this is usually overpowering, from waking up to use in the evening. Sometimes this can go on for days and dominated my whole life. While I was 4 weeks on vacation and of course should never use cocaine, but two beers and that is just fine. I also in the Priory clinic in London sat, totally used to think, but obviously talked about it constantly, but on the way back the plane, I was still out on whether I had already called my dealer.

That particular craving that physical unrest, which is 90% removed by Baclofen. I started with 2 times 20 mg, then 30 mg 3 times quickly, but that was too much and I did feel strange and uncomfortable and strange non-credited learned movements. They saw and knew it to me. If I had snorted cocaine and drank alcohol, then I became very depressed, and bewustzijnsvernauwende effect of cocaine was just not funny. I already wanted to not take it instead of taking it. I longed so for the first time to a life without cocaine instead of cocaine.

I now take 20 mg on awakening and then 10 mg 4 hours later and that seems to me the best amount. The craving is absent. I have more fun in the things I do every day. I voted for the first time pleasure without cocaine, I’m interested again in things, in things, making plans for the future, I sometimes really feel that I prefer not to spend my time cocaine than. I wish all while using cocaine to not take it. I can now finally take cocaine one time per week, and the rest of the week do not suffer from craving. I think if this continues so I have no problem using it. As long as I do not drink a drop of alcohol there. Because that’s really not with baclofen!

However, I am waiting here with complacency; in practice and with all the holidays I have not really used less. My partner is however already amazed that I really nag at substantially less money. If he says no, then I put over it and I do not nag. I also have no problems with craving. The Baclofen is like an “if you are patient, you get 2 cookies” pill. So as testing in children, examining what they do when you ask them whether they want a cookie or want to wait until mom comes back and then they get two cookies. The children who immediately like a cookie, which are later more likely addicted to something or other. The baclofen therefore ensures that I can muster patience, the unrest does not get the upper hand, and without cocaine I actually feel more peaceful than cocaine.

It therefore ensures that I have without the cocaine so quiet and peaceful feel, actually calmer and more peaceful than cocaine. It is a natural brake on the use of cocaine.

My sister is deceased the same problems as me, but it was the main alcohol addiction, cocaine and benzodiazepines and secondary. My sister also swallowed Prozac and I have ever had with her and we both came to the conclusion that the Prozac made us less aware, and also took the unrest is not the way we did bother. Against this turmoil, we took probably alcohol, cocaine and benzodiazepines, which of course constituted a vicious circle downwards.

Such unrest is now removed by the Baclofen. I even had moments over the past three weeks that I felt calm as I’ve felt only with gusts when I was very young and then usually only on holidays or on really nice moments. That unrest has increasingly grown, while the fears, uncertainties, and any resulting problems, borderline, depression, anxiety, ADD, back and neck pain, burnouts, lawsuits, STDs, HIV, psychotic states, etc, etc. And addictions course .

Naltrexone I’ve tried, but did not much. Baclofen, however, is exactly the way the nail on the head, weakness, sore spot explains. Naturally, this addiction is not the right way, but this is very encouraging. It takes physical and hardest part of the problem away, and the willpower in the frontal cortex finally gets the chance to conduct the reptiles to overcome, such as people who are not addicted personality can, too. The will get another chance and so the addiction is one habit that one can break.

Or you really break that habit or break through is then just as promising as other people who have smoked all their life example and may or may not be able to stop smoking. Whether this is a placebo-controlled study really good will to come forward, I doubt the specific nature of the plea, as I have tried to describe here.

Baclofen acts on the neurotransmitter GABA-B, and probably is a neurotransmitter that affects the restlessness and craving that characterizes addiction to cocaine. You know you do not feel more comfortable going through an inhale, but you are obsessive compulsive and forced to do it. The reptilian part of your brain that you require and there is the will of someone with an addictive personality does not measure up. That of course is precisely the problem. Someone who can stop is by definition not addicted, because stop. Bluntly …

Yes, perhaps temporarily, by an addiction in its place, so that anxiety to get away. So even 3 times a day the AA, NA or CA visiting is such addiction. Even thousands of calls in support groups, with therapists, addiction experts, etc, etc, but who has an ear for your misery and it earns a good living, is actually part of the addiction. Love, sex, eating, smoking, work, sports, lie, light, gambling, anything can cause an addiction that will replace the original addiction.

If you really think pessimistic, you’d even think that counseling is not served by a well-acting drug, something that really works. As in the Netherlands baby Mafia says you should have no anesthesia during childbirth. Whether you’re in the hospital one hour first to scream for your weather may have some morphine after major surgery. Thus a Calvinist shrink counselor might return for providing a drug that feels good. Medications that you feel very sick if you do with taking drugs or alcohol (Antibus, Naltrexone), which may be why. A drug that takes away your anxiety, which may not appear, otherwise I can not explain why this agent is not widely deployed and tested.

In any case, the drug is not addictive in the sense that you can no longer take for you to feel better, i just take as little as possible, so for me just “normal” to feel like everyone else who is not addicted probably has naturally. More baclofen and makes me feel weird. When I took 30 mg 3 times and not hit well, I have taken the next day nothing, and indeed, it gave some light but withdrawal symptoms such as benzodiazepines that also takes place. But to have to think that it is addictive, no, nonsense, because if one day I forget to take Prozac, I immediately the biggest fight with everyone and everything! And I am not enjoying myself and I enjoy not … My sister noticed that one time and said you forget your Prozac or something? And yes, that turned over the case …

Like the antidepressant Prozac acts on serotonin, a different way and not addictive than ecstasy, which also acts on serotonin. It works on natural Baclofen GHB GABA-B which then is made in your body. Maybe, but that is my own provisional conclusion that the connection GHB addiction misunderstood by the doctors and the drug therefore has no chance to advance?

The book puts Ameisen outlined his theory about the effect of baclofen. “My mental health is okay. So I always suspected that I suffered from a certain deficiency. My theory is that I now have a shortage of natural gammahydroxybutyraat (GHB). This is a precursor of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid B (GABAB). The deficit is responsible for a loss of soothing power, resulting in insomnia, anxiety and dystonia.

Narcotics are used to correct this, but without lasting effect. This effect is baclofen. Baclofen is a GABAB agonist. It enhances GABA activity and reduces the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and glutamate. Baclofen as likely plays a role in balancing the reward mechanisms in the brains and abolishes the effects of GHB-deficiency. ”

“It is difficult to convince scientists of the importance, partly because of the stigma that clings to addiction. Alcoholism is one of the few diseases where the patient gets the blame. “It can not be that you are an alcoholic who has done his own addiction, cure with a pill?” The thought is many addiction doctors across. “Moreover, baclofen bad for the addiction. “If a clinic half the beds empty, then the government will not hesitate for a long part of the clinic to close. A cure for addiction is stealing for many. “

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