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We are a nonprofit organization, which organizes entertainment events, especially in the field of model-and beauty pageants in combination with small educational programs, for the less fortunate.


The Foundation’s main goal is to help young local girls, by giving them an opportunity to participate in an intense educational program, concluding in a beauty pageant at the end of the program.

This will be a fabulous musical show, celebrated in November of 2013, where we will be presenting the young girls performing, modeling and giving speeches, which will display their acquired knowledge during this program. At the end a winner will be crowned, together with a first and a second runner-up.

Fundashon pa Derecho di Mucha

The participants will receive information and trainings on several fields such as domestic abuse, child molesting and incest. “Fundashon pa Derecho di Mucha” is one of the leading institutions specialized on this particular topic and as such we will be working closely with them.

There are other additional trainings, which will also help in enhancing the knowledge of each participant.

Boosting self-esteem

With this program we look forward to achieve a total boosting of self-esteem and overall development of the participants in a very positive way. This is the reason why we strongly believe that this program will strengthen and support the local young girls in our community.

In order to make of the abovementioned program a success, we count on potential sponsors, to help us with financial resources. We on the other hand, offer to propagate the participating sponsors through our programs, shows and advertisements.

It is together that we can lead our youngster to a successful Curacao for the future.

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