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Fading Stretch Marks

stretch-marksNo want wants to get stretch marks.  They are unattractive and hard to get rid of.  Stretch marks can appear on any part of the body where rapid weigh gain occurs and the skin is stretch beyond its limit.

These marks are actually small scars.  They appear when collagen and tissue below the skin surface is damaged.  When rapid weight gain occurs and the skin is stretch the tissue below the skin can actually tear.  The healing of these small tears form scar tissue.  Many women experience this during pregnancy on their abdomen, breasts, thighs, and hips.  Body builders can get stretch marks from gaining muscle too quickly on the arms or legs.    In the beginning the marks look red and are slightly indented.  Later they become white or silvery.

Obviously the only way to completely avoid stretch marks is not to gain weight too quickly.  If that is not possible, as with pregnancy, keeping the skin moisturized well can help.  Stretch mark creams with vitamin e, vitamin c, lanolin, and emu oil can help keep the skin moisturized and more elastic.

But often we don’t think much about stretch marks until we actually have them.  Laser treatments are on way to reduce or remove stretch marks.  These treatments are expensive though.  And it may take six to eight treatments to produce results.

There are stretch mark creams with ingredients that can greatly help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  One ingredient is Matrixyl.  It has shown promising results in stretch mark reduction when used alone.  Other ingredients like Vitamin e, aloe, and emu oil have been used for a long time to reduce and prevent scaring and stretch marks.  Combining these ingredients in one cream will make them more effective.   Skin penetration is increased when the oils and matrixyl are combined.   These creams must be used daily over a few months to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. finding a good cream is one of the best long term solutions for scars and marks.

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