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Altimeter Group has some of the best information on Social Media available today.

Their information focuses on how to integrate this new market channel into traditional methods. http://www.altimetergroup.com/2010/04/social-strategy-33-webinar-recording-and-slides-getting-your-company-ready.html

Google TV


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What Your Customers Expect
Marketers are collectively seeking new, profitable revenue streams for their goods and services, and online is the most efficient option with the lowest barriers to entry and overall costs. Increased adoption of multi-channel distribution models regardless of wherever else you sell, you need to be selling online.  Consumers and even brick and mortar retailers have come to expect it and accept it.   -IMG Branding, September 2009

The investment into the market has the odds stacked against your company. With the market changing rapidly and how consumers relate to products today, has your company bridged this new conversation?  “The New Consumer ” demands and expects  access to your company. In addition, social media is generating hundreds of millions of new potential consumers that  are open to new products and ideas.  You want access to them but do you have the strategies, knowledge and labor pool to utilize this medium effectively?

Every Company has a Website
but its NOT ENOUGH to display your business. It needs interactivity, branding, the ability to build consumer loyalty, effectively communicate to your base, defeat marketing objections, build traffic, create buyers, convert visitors to buyers which gives you analytics, metrics and monetization.

And What About New Product Introductions?
Do you have the knowledge and skill set to bridge the gap from traditional market settings to building your brand and company on the internet? There’s a whole new innovative process developed and taught by one the leading internet experts today. We know it, we’ve used it and employ it. IT WORKS!

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