Why enter business awards?

There are obvious benefits from winning a business award. But what about the adage that it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game?

Entering business awards can deliver a much greater level of satisfaction and direct benefit to your business, your colleagues, your staff, customers and suppliers than the simple act of winning. It is an opportunity to really focus upon not just what you do but how you do it; a chance to involve the entire organisation in evaluating your operations, culture and strategy and solicit the direct contribution of all of your staff. It provides a focus – behind closed doors – on the areas in which you can improve and the steps you need to put in place to achieve that improvement as well as providing the tools to measure and benchmark your performance against your industry and region.

AW Workwise was named winner of the Ford Business Owner category of the 2002 Telstra and Australian Government’s Small Business Awards. The subsequent recognition was highly motivating but equal to the rush of winning was the process of applying and being judged by business experts. Managing Director, Annette Williams, will take you through the process of deciding to enter a competition, the ups and downs of the award application process, the thrill of the announcement and finally what the awards process has meant for this standard-setting business in the year following their award win.

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