Sacha levesque | musician, producer, instructor

Montreal born, Sacha was raised in a musically rich background. His father opened him to the world of music, by exposing him to various musical styles including jazz, metal, pop and classic rock. In high school, he started playing trumpet with the music program and the jazz band, taking private lessons with Christian Morisette, a Mcgill University Big Band trumpet player and musical director for Montreal All-City Big Band. His musical studies continued into CEGEP where he studied jazz trumpet with with Jocelyn Couture. This is the moment where he took the decision to turn his gaze away from the trumpet and really concentrate on playing the electric bass.

Sacha’s love for the bass had started in 2005, where he began playing in a band with friends from high school. After the band split, he began playing on and off with various local bands playing music ranging from acoustic/folk to metalcore. This is where he found his love for more technical progressive rock/metal. He continued his bass endeavor, playing with numerous other bands before finding his home with progressive metalcore band Everything After Zero. He then gained both stage and music experience for two years before the project fell apart. He is currently playing with Shard Villa and Dax Acoustic.

The great thing about having bounced around in the world of musical styles is that Sacha has learned to appreciate the essence of music. One could say his love for music drove him to find his comfort zone, the electric bass, but not without hard work and determination. Throughout his journey with the trumpet, he had not only learned to appreciate so many other instruments, but he had the drive to teach himself how to play bass guitar.

His everlasting drive to reach his goals has led Sacha to work with various companies such as Spector Basses, EMG Pickups and Schroeder Cabinets. This step allowed him not only to prove to others his sincerity for what he does, but to show himself and his endorsers that he will stop at nothing to obtain his goals.

Sacha’s accomplishments have only reflected his determination, devotion to his art, his versatility and creativity in music. Ambitious, he manages to pull everything together for results.

Being an extremely socially driven person, he is willing to give clinics, to tutor and instruct others on the art of bass playing. Giving back to the world what he has learned and been given is only a small gesture of his appreciation for music.

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