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posted by Savanah on Jul 1

The show that just happened over the past weekend was much more than a rock concert.  U2 paid tribute to the late Micheal Jackson, transmitted the concert to the International Space Station, and became Bono’s platform for Human Rights issues throughout the world.  When the ninety thousand tickets went on sale in Barcelona, those tickets sold out in a mere fifty-four minutes.  And it was not long afterward that the five star Barcelona hotels were booked up as well.  These guys are megastars, hailing from a small town in Ireland they have continually sold out shows world-wide for more than two decades.  The show this weekend was held at Camp Nou, the stadium and the home of the football team of Barcelona.  The stage was immense and the crowd in attendance was punctuated by those, unable to score tickets, surrounding the arena and listening from the grassy parks on the other side of the fences.

The innovative stage design included a massive structure.  A giant creature with four metal legs suspended and weighing in at almost four hundred tons.  Once Snow Patrol had warmed up the audience, Bono and his band mates took the stage.  This was the first date on the upcoming worldwide tour, and as stated, was more than a show.  Bono commemorated the fortieth anniversary of the first landing on the moon, spoke frequently about peace and the necessity of that idea in this modern world, and even sent a message to those in the government of South Africa, imploring them to put a non-concerted effort into fighting malaria and AIDs epidemics.  The song dedicated to Michael Jackson, was ‘Angel of Harlem’ of which Bono included a montage of Jackson’s songs, including ‘Don’t Stop til You Get Enough’.  What started years ago, with a few lads singing about what they believed in, has turned into an institution wherein what they sing about, is something that all have come to believe.

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