Garden volunteers

Committed volunteers are needed for gardening jobs.  Hundreds of plants need to be watered and cared for each day.  In addition Swamiji needs help with propagating, transplanting, harvesting, drying and general care for the plants.  He is experimenting with many natural organic techniques for fertilization, pest control, and propagation methods.  Volunteering is a good way to absorb some of Swamiji’s immense knowledge of herbs and a perfect opportunity to practice Seva (Karma Yoga).  Working with plants helps to reconnect the soul to the Earth and nature.  It helps to calm and ground the mind.  Volunteering for a Guru like Swamiji is a sure way to work on the karmas which bind a person to suffering.  For those who are too busy working to offer their time, donation can provide similar benefits.    

To Volunteer (or Donate)

Contact Swamiji at

[email protected] 

or 757 620 1468

 Help is Urgently needed to find a greenhouse for the many plants.  Additionally funds must be raised to help pay to rent and heat this space etc.

On-going care  

 Other tasks which need to be accomplished are watering, fertilizing, weeding, pest control, transplanting, pruning, harvesting and drying seeds and herbs, mulching the garden to protect from frost, and preparing the soil.  We have several hundred plants growing in the garden, most of which require individual attention on an ongoing basis.  There is much work on a daily basis which needs to be done.


A group of herbs and twigs drying in the shed for use in prayer and medicine.  

The Shakambhari Garden is committed to using and developing natural, ecological, and organic methods of horticulture.  We hope to publish information very soon about some of the unique and effective methods for organic gardening Swamiji has been developing.  Volunteers are needed to help write, edit, and illustrate this information, in addition to information about Ayurvedic and Native herbs and endangered species.    


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