Shave and a haircut – more than 2-bits…

but Less is Definitely Not More at The Hair Shop for Men!

Being a women who definitely appreciates the finer things in life, the experience of pampering and grooming at “The Spa” is something that I have never taken for granted. I appreciate attention to quality in every detail; from decor, to products to exceptional customer service provided by a knowledgeable and well-trained professional staff.

It has always been acceptable  – even expected, that women will seek out this kind of experience. I don’t think that it has caught on as much for as many men. I’m not sure if it had gone out of fashion or men would just prefer their grooming rituals to remain separate and secret from women. Actually I am more inclined to believe the latter.  All I know is that well-groomed men are extremely sexy to me, and even though I don’t see many men at the salon/spas I frequent, they must be going somewhere, because there sure are  lots of well-groomed, sexy men in Vero Beach!

Aha! You’ve Been Discovered!

It’s easy to see why refined gentlemen want to keep this place a secret to themselves; because The Hair Shop for Men owner, Scott Young has gone all out to bring the romance back into being a well-groomed gentleman.

The Hair Shop for Men is more than just your local Barbershop. In Young’s words; “At The Hair Shop For Men, we believe that a haircut is not just a hair cut. It’s an experience. It’s  a time honored tradition where a gentleman can go to an establishment to be a guy for an hour.  A social environment to discuss politics, sports, local news, meet new friends and network with others and get a good haircut, relax and laugh.”

Grooming packages also include; straight-razor shave, anti-aging facials, manicures and pedicures and yes – even body hair grooming.

Scott has given 2-$60 Men’s Grooming Packages for the drawing at our Grand Opening Celebration, Thursday May 1.

Thank you Scott and the fine Barber Stylists at The Hair Shop for Men. Visit their website for more info, location and just plain fun reading:

And don’t worry guys…You’re Secret’s Safe With Me!

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