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Is Buying Prescription Dugs Online A Dangerous Game?
By William Cornwell, Thu Dec 8th

The internet has grown tremendously in the last 5-10 years withapproximately 56 million web pages and counting. The sale ofprescription drugs online is growing rapidly.

Although most on line pharmacies adhere to regulations, Thereare a few who do not, and are putting our citizens health atrisk.

Prescription drug sales online can provide great benefits to theconsumers. Benefits include, 24 hour shopping from the comfortof your home,access to drugs for the homebound or disabledpersons, privacy for those who don’t want to talk in privateabout their medical condition, and the number of productsavailable.But you must understand the potential risks and stayaway from illegitimate sites.

So what are the risks in ordering drugs from these sites?

* Risk of suffering adverse events which could be lifethreatening which include potential side effects from amedication inadequately prescribed by an unlicensed pharmacy. *A risk from receiving contaminated drugs,as well as the possibleill effects of impure or unknown ingredients found in drugsmanufactured under substandard conditions * Risk whenunknowingly purchasing counterfeit copies that contain bad orcontaminated ingredients

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