Is the us an enemy or a friend

Friday, January 11 2002 05:22 AM    
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Although I always thought Americans as the friends of democracy and piece, I think what they are doing in Somalia is wrong: Trying to terrorize our nation and the little piece that we found with our new government. The U.S. is helping the enemy of our Government (even though a weak government, yet our government). They are helping Ethiopia and those who are working for them. They never listened what the majority of the Somalis has to say. When our government was touring in the U.S. no one listened their cry for help and now when they are saying we want to work with you, the U.S. is helping to build rebels who will fight our little hope.

We are not for terrorists, if they are there we will assist you to fight them. But don’t fight our government. Don’t listen to roumers made by our enemy while you are not listening to us. If you want to make a fact finding mission you are welcome. But don’t build your decissions on our enemies tip, make your own judgements, be there your self.

If the U.S. has a good will towards Somalia they must work peicefully with the Somalis and their government. You don’t know about this, but this government has been elected by all the Somalis and their traditional representatives. But the warlords now saying they are for the U.S. has been there by force, not by our people.
Somalia is not Afghanistan, where the Talibans were against the U.S. The Somali government is still ready to work with you, do not destroy it and think that the rebels are better for us.

The only thing that I can not understand is that why use force when we are welcomming you? When we want to work with you? The only reason that I can think of is that when you are not wishing your best to U.S. and I thought you were!

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