Exposed: The Connection Between Vasectomy Reversal and Anti Sperm Antibodies

There are several factors that can bring about infertility in a man. Some serious illnesses and side effects of some medicine could be some of these factors. Another reason could be the production of anti sperm antibodies where the body produces antibodies which mistake the sperms for foreign bodies and destroy them.

A barrier that is present in the testicles protects the sperms from any threat of attack but the anti sperm antibodies are able to penetrate this barrier in men who develop this condition. The sperms are destroyed by these antibodies such that they will not have the ability to fertilize the egg. This is because in case these antibodies attack the tail of the sperm, the sperms lose their ability to move and fertilize the egg but in case they attack the head of the sperm, the sperms cannot penetrate the egg hence fertilization cannot take place.

10% of the men having the inability to father children find out that the main reason could be due to the production of anti sperm anti bodies. One of the main contributing factors to the development of these antibodies is the cervical mucus present in some of the ladies. This mucus is not found in all ladies however this has been the case in almost 4O% of couples visiting fertility clinics complaining of their inability to have children are found to have this problem.

Other factors contributing to infertility include an injury occurring in the man’s testicles or in case the testicular sac is twisted, it may lead to the production of anti sperm antibodies .Any infection which affects the immune system may also be a contributing factor .A vasectomy reversal procedure may also bring about this condition coupled with other conditions such as cancer, lack of vas deferens since birth and testicular vasectomy. A large percentage of men who had a vasectomy reversal always develop anti sperm antibodies. It is possible to find out about the presence of these antibodies after a sample of the semen is tested. In case the doctor notices that the antibodies are present in the semen sample, he will also ask for the partner to have some tests carried out on her in the cervix in order to determine whether it is the cervical mucus that is causing it.

After the results of sperms show the presence of anti sperm antibodies, the situation becomes quite grim since the condition is quite difficult to treat. The kind of medicine required to treat this condition may pose very serious side effects on the patient’s health. Although thy can be used to provide a short time fertility, the effects cannot be permanent. This is because scientists have not yet unearthed a cure for this condition so prevention remains the best option. This calls for the man having a vasectomy when he is 100% sure that he does not require to sire more children in future. This is because despite the reversal procedure being offered for a vasectomy, some complications might arise. This calls for those who want to have a reversal carried out to ensure that they have the reversal carried out the soonest time possible in order to succeed.

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