Progress In Patent Position Huge Plus For Nuvilex

The baby steps are always the hardest ones, so goes the popular adage. For some, this byword is one of the many twists in English literature but for Nuvilex (OTCQB: NVLX) it is a reality. Although Nuvilex has established a reputable name in the biotech niche, there is still some real daylight between itself and other big wigs like Ecolab (NYSE: ECL). I was discussing the issue with a fellow investor the other day and their comparison was simply put- Nuvilex and Ecolab are light years away!
Although deplorable, I am inclined to agree with him. There is no degree of optimism that can balance the scale. It is more than lopsided. Nonetheless the reality behind it all is that, in its own capacity, Nuvilex is doing quite well.
Nuvilex (OTCQB: NVLX) according to Konrad Kuhn’s “The KonLin Letter” and considered an authority on small-cap stocks, has included Nuvilex in his most recent KonLin Letter with a Buy recommendation: “NVLX represents one of the most remarkable investments in health care in decades.” citing the company’s unique cell encapsulation technology for use with stem cells and treatment of pancreatic cancer and diabetes. He set the first target price at $ 0.50-0.60 and reconfirmed his target of $ 1-2.
Consolidating strong position in patents
Earlier this year, April to be precise, the market got wind of Nuvilex’s advancements in patent talks with regard to encapsulating therapeutic antibody-producing cells. These advancements were made possible through the aggressive demeanor exhibited by SG Austria in early year talks. (SG Austria is a Singapore based Nuvilex associate.)
This was a huge breakthrough and in my opinion an indication that Nuvilex brims with potential. Why was it a breakthrough? In December last year, Nuvilex acquired ownership of one half of the patent. Merely three months down the line, it has managed to obtain exclusive rights. Considering the costly nature of chasing after patents, I would confidently say that Nuvilex is on the rail towards prosperity. It has stretched beyond position and there is no doubt that this achievement, however big, was a strain on resources.
Dr Robert F Rayan, the CEO, expressed his delight with the achievement. He particularly exclaimed that the breakthrough would allow Nuvilex to glean higher revenues on the global front.
Where is the huge plus?
Nuvilex has to compete on unlevel ground. It deals with competitors whose financial muscle introduces a David and Goliath scenario. Its hopes are therefore bound to tact and strategy. Merely working hard will not achieve anything. Securing patents is its easiest yet most effective way of magnifying its global footprint. This is a very smart move; one that will be instrumental in sparking off an exponential growth.
In the current competitive environment, some well to do market leaders have resorted to buying off smaller companies that exhibit some level of threat. Some have even pushed their greed to the extent of buying witty ideas for throw away prices. Securing patents is therefore a sure way of keeping such avid vultures at bay.
The patents will also lure in canny investors looking to make returns in the long haul. This is chiefly because patents extend an indescribable sense of security. An investor can place their hopes on the prosperity of particular product without the fear of direct competition. Long term investors are not the kind to bring in funds in a dusty piggy bank. They come with millions and millions. Although it may be too early to make conclusions, it is not wrong to speculate.
My take: Nuvilex is securing ground by the day. Buy it.

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