Systemic Enzymes – Tremendously Important in Any Cancer Busting Strategy

If you are unfamiliar with enzymes, they are the amazing little molecules that serve as catalysts for every chemical reaction in your body and without them, life wouldn’t exist. These remarkable enzymes are generally classified into two different categories depending on their function in the body: digestive and metabolic.

The digestive enzymes, as the name suggests, are responsible for breaking down the food we eat so that the body can absorb vital nutrients. Meanwhile, the metabolic enzymes (otherwise known as systemic enzymes) are responsible for digesting foreign debris in the bloodstream and throughout the body.

Both of these enzymes are naturally present in the bodies of healthy individuals, but when a chronic deficiency develops, the immune system becomes weakened, leaving you susceptible to many serious health conditions and diseases such as cancer. That is why it’s vital that you augment your body’s own supply of enzymes by eating raw foods or oral enzyme supplements to achieve optimal health.

The Enzyme-Cancer Connection

Cancer cells, like most pathogens, are protected by a thick, protein-based coating, otherwise known as fibrin. This sticky coating may be as much as 15 times thicker than the membrane of a healthy cell, which makes it very difficult for the body’s immune system to penetrate. Fortunately, systemic enzymes are capable of speeding up the digestion of this protective fibrin membrane, leaving the cancer cells vulnerable to attack from the immune system. But there’s a problem.

The body’s supply of systemic enzymes is limited, and without sufficient quantities, cancer cells and other pathogens are allowed to run rampant throughout the body. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that when we eat over-processed or cooked foods, the naturally occurring enzymes in those foods are destroyed. This means that rather than the foods supplementing our supply of enzymes, they end up taxing our limited stores because the body has to use its own enzymes to help complete the pre-digestion process. Over time, this develops into a chronic deficiency which ultimately leads to cancer.

Fight Cancer with Systemic Enzyme Supplements

The best way to fight a chronic deficiency of enzymes and prevent cancer is to help the pancreas, which produces most of the body’s enzymes, by taking high dosages of systemic enzyme supplements. These oral supplements, which are usually taken on an empty stomach to facilitate their absorption into the bloodstream, have been used for decades by natural health practitioners in the fight against cancer and have proven to be extremely effective.

In fact, systemic enzyme supplements have been used to successfully treat thousands of terminally ill cancer patients over the past fifty years. Yet despite this undeniable proof, the modern medical community still refuses to acknowledge that systemic enzyme supplementation is a safe, natural and non-toxic treatment that effectively cures cancer. Instead, they continue to push the use of expensive and toxic chemical treatments that cause far more damage than they cure.

If you are interested in preventing or fighting cancer using a safe and proven cure, consult with a natural health care practitioner about the benefits of systemic enzyme supplements.

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