Richmond Cosmetic Dentistry Talks More About Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can attack any person and this illness is hard to be determined by the patients along so as most of them know that they have it when it got worst. This can have many symptoms but all are present as well in mild illnesses so as the patient is not bothered that much once these symptoms start to appear. According to Richmond dentists, visiting the dentist is the only solution to know the oral health of a patient.

This kind of cancer is a type of head and neck cancer but intensely affects the mouth of a person. This illness can affect the cheeks, gums, teeth, tongue, lips and the roof of the mouth. The fact is that most of its symptoms are common for mild illnesses so as the patient do not necessarily give more of his attention on the pain he felt. It is only when the cancer gets worst that a patient can feel that it is no longer a mild illness and that it already needs the help of the dentist such as those who are experts in Richmond dentistry.

There are several symptoms that an oral cancer patient will experience and some are listed below to make the people to be familiar with oral cancer. Anyone will surely be surprised that these symptoms are already telling that you have a cancer.

* White patches or sometimes red patches can be obviously seen either in the lips or inside the mouth of the patient. There are also some cases where both color occurs as a patch in a patient.

* Mouth can suffer from sore or can have tumors that enlarge.

* Experiencing chewing problems, abnormal taste in the mouth, pain with swallowing, speech difficulties, swallowing difficulties and tongue problems.

* Earache which is mostly a sign of infection can also be a symptom of oral cancer.

* Those that loosen their teeth or have unfitted dentures can have an oral cancer.

* Bleeding of the gums and other parts of the mouth can also be a sign of this cancer.

* Many would have a hard time having an abnormal taste in the mouth.

* Some patient loses their weight quickly.

As soon as these symptoms were observed, a patient should consult the dentist immediately to be treated and to prevent more problems to occur. According to Richmond dentists, about 70 to 80 percent of those who smoke and use tobacco have oral cancer while the risk of having this illness can be increased by chronic irritation, human papilloma virus infection and most of all by poor dental and oral hygiene. Men can get this cancer twice as often as women do particularly those aging 40 and up.

Prevention is better than cure so as people should always practice good oral hygiene to prevent dental problems to occur. Avoiding alcoholic drinks and smoking or using tobacco is also recommended as it could increase the risk of having an oral cancer. Visiting the dentist regularly is also recommended so that the dental problems can easily be treated because once it was not corrected; it can cause oral cancer as well. It is proven than 25 percent of the patients dies because of late consultation to dentists as well as late treatment.

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