Weekly Horoscopes For 30th January 2010

Aries Horoscope. This week you must curb your usual hurry up and get it done ways. Too many errors or misjudgments may enter the mix and you will have to repeat it all over again. Think carefully before you commit yourself to anything. Keep watch for others making errors on your bills or receipts. People are being careless so you need to be cautious. This applies whilst out driving or walking as well. Money improves soon through your own efforts.

Taurus Horoscope. People that you know will be changing their minds and or plans. Be prepared. Mechanical difficulties may also force you to change your plans. Be aware that things are being exaggerated this week. These mechanical troubles may be due to something small and inexpensive. Be careful what you say to others. Your mouth may run away from you and you will say things that you do not really mean.

Gemini Horoscope. This week you will find yourself trying to be very careful of other peoples feelings. Your social life could pick up a bit but only if you do the inviting and put in some of your own effort. By the weekend you could start making mistakes as things are exaggerated way out of proportion. However, changes at that time could prove to be beneficial to you and can lead to new doors opening for you.

Cancer Horoscope. A few mistakes that are made this week are not necessarily in your favor but can be corrected later so do not get too upset. It is easy for you to make promises this week but they cannot be fulfilled for a while. Likewise, any promises made to you now may fall into the same category. Funds tighten up for you next week so plan ahead. An accident may happen that could prove beneficial to you in some way. Try to be cautious this week.

Leo Horoscope. Be careful now as accidents are frequent this week and others are being very careless. You need to stay very alert. Your attention this month is on your mate or best friend who may need a small medical procedure. Things are being exaggerated so take it all with a grain of salt. Nothing is as bad as it seems. People are changing their minds so take a wait and see attitude rather than getting anxious.

Virgo Horoscope. This week mistakes, errors in judgment and even mechanical problems irritate you to no end. Whatever work is being done this week you may find that you will have to do it over again in a month or so. Almost everything is being exaggerated this week so it is difficult to get a handle on what is real or not. Through all this, new doors are opening. Changes are being made that prove beneficial to you.

Libra Horoscope. An unexpected expense and short money leaves you in a tough spot this week however your finances are about to pick up so your expenses will be covered in time. People are changing their minds and or plans back into your favor. At first it does not seem to appear that way to you. Mechanical problems this week will force you into purchasing something new as a replacement and then, suddenly it is easier for you.

Scorpio Horoscope. All types of accidents and emergencies are prevalent now. Be very cautious and keep your temper under control. You may change your mind or your plans about next weekend but you will then realise that it was a mistake. Errors in judgment or just plain tempter tantrums could cause problems. Keep your promises even though you may not feel up to it. You also need to keep a leash on your tongue.

Sagittarius Horoscope. Whilst you are trying to be very careful of other peoples feelings, mistakes or errors in judgment may take place. You could find yourself being threatened with a legal suit. By the weekend, someone else will step in and save the day. Keep a leash on your tongue to avoid misunderstandings. Sometimes you are too truthful and that can be your downfall. Your social life picks up now through your best friend or mate.

Capricorn Horoscope. An error in finances or financing this week may cause you some bad moments and confusion but new arrangements can be made by next week. Be sure you have enough money in your pocket for emergencies now. A legal or insurance problem comes up by the weekend but is quickly solved within a few days. A friend with a temper causes problems for themselves and wants you to help them out.

Aquarius Horoscope. Watch out for your finances this week. Errors are made so check everything closely. Your own judgment may be the fault this week. You may need to wait a week or so before deciding on a financial plan or a legal problem. This week is being exaggerated out of proportion. Please wait until you hear the real truth before making a decision. By Saturday, changes could occur that lead to new opportunities.

Pisces Horoscope. Confusion is all around you. Mistakes and or errors in judgment cause you a multitude of problems this week. Mechanical breakdowns occur which are also vexing to you. Legal or insurance problems may enter the confusing mix and cause you some anxiety. Keep in mind that everything is being exaggerated and only looks bad. It will soon be fixed. Changes on Saturday can lead to new doors being opened and new friendships.

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