A Few Facts About A Colon Cleanse

In order to understand the importance of a colon cleanse, you need to understand the location and function of your colon. It is a critical part of the digestive system and performs some of the final tasks before solid waste is eliminated from the body. Water and salt are removed and fermentation of any remaining undigested waste is assisted by helpful bacteria.

Within the colon, there are four areas. The uppermost is the ascending colon, followed by the transverse, descending and finally the sigmoid colon. By the time the waste reaches the colon, the only nutrients left in the mass are potassium and some fat-soluble vitamins. Colons also removes water from the waste.

Colon cancer is a concern due to its prevalence. In the United States, it is the fifth most common cancer. Throughout the Western world, colon cancer is the third most common cause of cancer deaths. In part, this has been due to lack of screening tests until relatively recently. Now, screening tests are readily available to the general public at a low cost. Those who have increased risk factors should be screened. Early diagnosis has the best results for remission, treatment and cure.

A widely accepted theory for preventing colon cancer has been to eat more fiber. Recent studies have shown that while fiber may not be directly responsible for prevention of colon cancer, it is beneficial as part of a lifestyle diet that reduces caloric intake and consumption of red or processed meats. If you add exercise to the above changes in lifestyle, you are likely to live longer and enjoy the added years more.

The purpose of cleansing the colon is to remove the waste from the body. If your colon is full of waste, you will feel sluggish or fatigued. You will probably gain weight even when you are dieting. Toxins in the colon can lead to headaches, poor circulation, blocked arteries and poor nutrient absorption. Your skin is likely to look unhealthy and there is a general sense of malaise.

When you go through the process of detoxification of your colon, the process works by attaching to free radicals and carrying them out of your colon and into the rectum. Once your colon is not full of an unhealthy sludge, weight loss diets work better so your weight management should be more effective. Getting the toxins out is followed by replacing the flora with new good bacteria so the the positive effects continue.

A colon cleanse is not a difficult or painful process. It improves your overall health so that your body works more efficiently. Good health means you have a better chance of preventing some of the major diseases that shorten life and reduce quality of life.

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