Common Causes Of Vaginal Infection and Its Treatment

Vaginal infection is common amongst women and is marked by inflamed vagina associated with itching in the vagina, irritation, discharge from vagina and also bad odor. When the balance between the hormonal changes and the bacteria found in the vagina is imbalanced, it created vaginal infection. This imbalance can be caused due to contraceptives or birth control pills, antibiotics, STD’s, having multiple sex partners and other reasons.

Types of vaginal infection
There are 2 types of vaginal infections namely bacterial and fungal infection. Bacterial infection can be caused in case of pregnancy, with usage of IUD device in the vagina and due to multiple sexual partners. Fungal infection can cause more serious damage as it can spread to other parts of the body such as skin, heart, throat etc. Those who do not have a very strong immune system can be affected more seriously.

Vaginal infection symptoms
Some of the common symptoms of vaginal infection are burning sensation, itching and discharge from vagina. In case of yeast or fungal infection, women may suffer pain during urination with extreme itching. Pain itself is not a symptom. If it persists, it is recommended to see your doctor immediately.

Out of the various options available for vaginal infection, Vagifem is one of them. It is used to relieve conditions related to vagina such as itching, discharge and burning sensation. It is a natural estrogen which helps women with menopause. After menopause, there is lack of estrogen which causes dryness in vagina resulting in itching.
It works by replacing the naturally occurring estrogen hormone. Vagifem tablets can be inserted in the Vagina with the use of a one-time disposable applicator which comes with the medicine. The applicator should be disposed of after used once. If in case the medicine is not properly inside the vagina and is released from the applicator before getting injected, it should not be reused.

Vagifem side effects
Like every other medicine, this one too has its side effects such as pain in the back, headache, pain in the stomach, fungal infection, cold etc. Before using this medicine, you must tell your doctor if you have the following conditions such as; cancer, increased cholesterol, increased blood sugar, heart problem, hypertension, kidney problem etc.
Women who take this medicine should avoid smoking as smoking can trigger the side effects caused due to this medicine. It is also available in the form of Vagifem cream.

Vagifem is used to treat vaginal infections and post-menopausal symptoms. It is available in the form of tablets and cream and can be obtained from a local drug store with a prescription or online from Canadian Online Pharmacy.

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