Common Men's Health Risks and Disorder

There are certain medical health risks and disorders that are common issue in men’s health. High incidence of men suffering from particular diseases and disorders are reported that are known to significantly affect the quality of life they live. An understanding about these conditions can help men learn how to positively manage their symptoms in order to live a much better quality life.

Heart disease is the most common culprit of high incidence of sufferings and death among men. There are different causes why men become susceptible to this medical problem. Lifestyle plays an important factor that contributes to the risk of heart diseases among men. Smoking, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, and stress can increase the chance of developing heart diseases. Prevention is important by maintaining a healthy weight, stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, getting more exercise and good nutrition can delay or prevent the occurrence of heart disease among men.

Men are also at high risk to specific types of cancers like colon cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer. Again, lifestyle factors are always a contributing factor why cancers occur among men. Smoking is especially a major cause for lung cancer. Early detection of cancers in men is important as cancer can be manageable when it is treated at its early stage. Men should always make cancer screening a priority as part of their annual check-up for early diagnosis of cancer and obtain immediate medical treatment to manage their condition.

Erectile dysfunction is another common disability affecting men globally. The risk for developing erectile dysfunction or impotence is higher with age. Impotence is usually common among men in their 40’s and the risk doubles when they reach the age of 70. While erectile dysfunction forms part of the aging process, young men can become susceptible in experiencing the condition owing to lifestyle factors and the existence of medical condition where impotence becomes one of its complications.

Stroke is another men’s health issue that result to disabilities. The risk factors for stroke can be preventable but there are some causes of strokes that one cannot control such as family history, race and age. Living a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and exercise remain to be the effective preventive measures against stroke.

Treatment and management of the symptoms of these medical conditions and disabilities are essential in order for men to live a quality life. While advanced treatment and medications are now available to help men overcome these common health risks, it is always best to observe preventive measures than treating them.

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