The causes of endometrial bleeding in women?

s mind. Gynecological experts introduce that, the typical uterine bleeding means menstrual bleeding, constant quantity of bleeding and frequent menstrual cycle. The symptoms of abnormal uterine bleeding include: abnormal quantity of bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle, bleeding right after intercourse, bleeding just after menopause, bleeding following menstrual period and bleeding with improved leucorrhea. 20% of adults have abnormal uterine bleeding. 50% of women have ever had abnormal uterine bleeding. So, abnormal uterine bleeding can also be a frequent disease of gynecology.

About what are the causes of endometrial bleeding, gynecological specialists point out that, uterine lesion is also a bring about of uterine bleeding. Specifical content as follows:
endometrial inflammation: when a woman has acquired acute endometriosis, the endometrium would congest, swell and in some cases have ulcer around the surface of endometrium, for that reason, inducing excessive menstrual bleeding or endless vaginal bleeding. Furthermore, after you have acquired endometrial tuberculosis, the endometrium would be broken and have ulcers around the surface, inducing irregular vaginal bleeding.

1, Uterine tumor: uterine fibroid can not just hamper the shrink and hemostasis of uterus but also expand the location of uterine cavity and induce the distortion of uterus since the fibroid extrudes within the path of uterine cavity, affecting the normal shedding with the endometrium. The submucosal fibroid is probably to acquire necrosis and infection. These causes can induce excessive menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstrual period or irregular vaginal bleeding. Endometrial polyp also can induce the above symptoms by increasing the location of endometrium or secondary infection. Apart from, in case you have acquired endometrial cancer or uterine sarcoma, you are able to also have irregular vaginal bleeding or uterine bleeding immediately after menopause.

2, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: it normally is often seen in adolescent and menopausal women. It often manifest as abnormal menstrual period. The volume of blood varies from time for you to time. Among them, 90% from the individuals anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding. The lead to of dysfunctional uterine bleeding is that fatigue, tension, environmental adjust and some other factors interfere with all the coordination mechanism between hypothalamus, hypophysis and ovary, inducing dysfunction ovary and para-secretion of hormone, after which induce the abnormalities of endometrial periodical modify.

3, Intrauterine device. Irregular vaginal bleeding is amongst the complications of intrauterine device. This really is because the mechanical compression of intrauterine device induces partial harm, necrosis and superficial ulcers of endometrium.

4, Endometriosis and adenomyosis are also causes of endometrial bleeding, and it could also induce irregular vaginal bleeding.

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About Antibodies for Cancer Prevention

The latest discoveries in medical technology are using certain antibodies for cancer prevention. These medical miracles are called monoclonal antibodies, or “Mabs”, and can be used to help ward off all kinds of cancers. The technology to aid doctors and nurses fight cancer has only come about within the last several decades. Further research continually turns up more and more Mabs, providing hope for those who have already developed cancer and for those who are trying to protect themselves from it.

The American Cancer Society’s (AMC) web site explains that monoclonal antibodies were first developed in laboratories using mice with myeloma cells, which is a kind of bone marrow cancer, and mice that produced specific antibodies for those cells. The combination of these two cells, called a hybridoma cell, forces a perpetual factory making antibodies.

The antibodies end up being identical clones of the original hybridoma cell, which is why they are called monoclonal antibodies. The problem scientists faced with this phenomenal finding was that human antibodies recognized the mouse-produced antibodies as foreign invaders and attacked them.

With hard work and dedication, scientists are continuing to develop ways to integrate human antibodies in lieu of mouse antibodies so cancer patients will be able to use the immunotherapy as a form of treatment.

Today there are two types of Mabs, naked and conjugated. The difference between these two lies in the fact that naked antibodies lack radioactive materials attached to them. Conjugated antibodies, on the other hand, are fused with a chemotherapy drug or other toxin used to fight off cancer cells.

In recent years the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several Mabs, both naked and conjugated, for cancer treatments. A list of approved Mabs is available through the ACA’s web site. In 2004 and in 2006, Bevacizumab, a naked antibody, was approved for treating certain types of breast cancers.

In 2001 the FDA approved the use of Alemuzumab, a naked antibody, which acts as a form of leukemia prevention by attaching itself to both B and T cancer cells, causing the body’s immune system to attack and kill them. In 2000, the FDA approved the use of a conjugated antibody, Gemtuzumab ozogamicin, which is used in the treatment of chronic leukemia.

If you have lost someone to cancer or know someone suffering from cancer, it is not hard to understand how crucial medical research is when it comes to finding antibodies for cancer prevention. The number of cancer victims continues to rise each year, hitting people of all ages.

With the prolonged use and approval of Mabs, these numbers may begin to decline, alleviating the fear everyone has about developing some form of the deadly disease. Diet and exercise will only help an individual a certain amount, leaving genetics and medical breakthroughs to do the rest.

By continuing to fine tune more variations of antibodies for cancer prevention, medicine as we know it today could be changed for the better in years to come.

Medicine has come a long way in the last fifty years thanks to the help of scientists and research laboratories. Their combined efforts have aided individuals all over the world prevent and treat life-threatening forms of cancer.

Advancements in immunotherapy treatments that use antibodies for cancer prevention, combined with other cancer-deterring methods, are just a step on the threshold for greater triumphs to help everyone live long and healthy lives.

Know the Different Types of Cancer

Cancer in the bladder is caused due to the development of a tumor within it. These unwanted cells then start multiplying uncontrollably. The bladder is a part of the body responsible for storing urine. A tumor generally develops on the bladder’s surface but in severe cases, it grows in the underlying muscles as well. Although there is no particular age at which the cancer occurs but it is more prominent in older adults.

Some of the causes of this cancer are smoking, diet and exposure to some aromatic amines during work. Almost 30% patients fail to see any symptoms in the early stages of the cancer. The common symptoms bladder cancer includes blood in urine, higher urinary frequency, pain while urinating and the like. But it is not necessary that a person showing above symptoms is surely affected by bladder cancer.

The cancer of the kidney is also a type of cancer that is common in older people. Cells within the small tubes inside the kidney, is where this cancer begins to develop. Kidney cancer is rarely seen in young children. The actual causes of this cancer are not completely known but certain external factors like obesity and smoking are known to increase the chances of kidney cancer. The cancer is not easily diagnosed due to the slow growth rate of the tumor. It is only when the patient feels tired, pain or has blood in urine that the cancer can be thought to affect the person.

On the other hand, the prostate gland is present only in men just below the bladder. This is the gland to which the urine comes from the bladder before it is passed out of the body. The prostate gland is responsible for producing the fluid that forms a part of seam and also helps in nourishing the sperm. The prostate gland cells get replaced continuously but this process sometimes gets out of control. Those cells that grow uncontrollably are said to be affected by cancer. If you have a high psa level then there are chances that you are affected with cancer.

The psa level score determines the stage at which your cancer has reached and what type of prostate cancer treatment you would be requiring. With the help of robotics in surgery, advanced treatments are being carried out in a proper and efficient way to help cure cancer with precision.

Progress In Patent Position Huge Plus For Nuvilex

The baby steps are always the hardest ones, so goes the popular adage. For some, this byword is one of the many twists in English literature but for Nuvilex (OTCQB: NVLX) it is a reality. Although Nuvilex has established a reputable name in the biotech niche, there is still some real daylight between itself and other big wigs like Ecolab (NYSE: ECL). I was discussing the issue with a fellow investor the other day and their comparison was simply put- Nuvilex and Ecolab are light years away!
Although deplorable, I am inclined to agree with him. There is no degree of optimism that can balance the scale. It is more than lopsided. Nonetheless the reality behind it all is that, in its own capacity, Nuvilex is doing quite well.
Nuvilex (OTCQB: NVLX) according to Konrad Kuhn’s “The KonLin Letter” and considered an authority on small-cap stocks, has included Nuvilex in his most recent KonLin Letter with a Buy recommendation: “NVLX represents one of the most remarkable investments in health care in decades.” citing the company’s unique cell encapsulation technology for use with stem cells and treatment of pancreatic cancer and diabetes. He set the first target price at $ 0.50-0.60 and reconfirmed his target of $ 1-2.
Consolidating strong position in patents
Earlier this year, April to be precise, the market got wind of Nuvilex’s advancements in patent talks with regard to encapsulating therapeutic antibody-producing cells. These advancements were made possible through the aggressive demeanor exhibited by SG Austria in early year talks. (SG Austria is a Singapore based Nuvilex associate.)
This was a huge breakthrough and in my opinion an indication that Nuvilex brims with potential. Why was it a breakthrough? In December last year, Nuvilex acquired ownership of one half of the patent. Merely three months down the line, it has managed to obtain exclusive rights. Considering the costly nature of chasing after patents, I would confidently say that Nuvilex is on the rail towards prosperity. It has stretched beyond position and there is no doubt that this achievement, however big, was a strain on resources.
Dr Robert F Rayan, the CEO, expressed his delight with the achievement. He particularly exclaimed that the breakthrough would allow Nuvilex to glean higher revenues on the global front.
Where is the huge plus?
Nuvilex has to compete on unlevel ground. It deals with competitors whose financial muscle introduces a David and Goliath scenario. Its hopes are therefore bound to tact and strategy. Merely working hard will not achieve anything. Securing patents is its easiest yet most effective way of magnifying its global footprint. This is a very smart move; one that will be instrumental in sparking off an exponential growth.
In the current competitive environment, some well to do market leaders have resorted to buying off smaller companies that exhibit some level of threat. Some have even pushed their greed to the extent of buying witty ideas for throw away prices. Securing patents is therefore a sure way of keeping such avid vultures at bay.
The patents will also lure in canny investors looking to make returns in the long haul. This is chiefly because patents extend an indescribable sense of security. An investor can place their hopes on the prosperity of particular product without the fear of direct competition. Long term investors are not the kind to bring in funds in a dusty piggy bank. They come with millions and millions. Although it may be too early to make conclusions, it is not wrong to speculate.
My take: Nuvilex is securing ground by the day. Buy it.

How to Support Breast Cancer Research at Home, School and the Office

We’ve all known someone in our lifetime that has fought breast cancer – a family member, a friend, a co-worker. This article will help you see how you can support breast cancer research at home, school and the office. Learn more about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and how they work toward preventing breast cancer and finding a cure.

The best way to support breast cancer research is to donate. It doesn’t matter if you donate money, time or supplies – you’re supporting charity for a cause. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a good place to start. They are dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure by funding clinical and genetic research worldwide.

Did you know…

– Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer.

– It is estimated by the American Cancer Society that in 2008 about 182,460 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in the United States.

– In 2008, ACS estimates that about 40,480 women will die from breast cancer in the United States.

– In men, 1,990 new cases are projected in 2008, with 450 deaths

– At this time there are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

– A minimum of 85 cents of every dollar donated goes to research and awareness programs.

– Since its inception, the Breast Cancer Research Hospital has raised over $ 220 million – $ 39.5 million in fiscal year 2007/08.

-In October, 2008, BCRF will award over $ 34 million in new research grants to 165 scientists from top universities and academic medical centers across the globe.

So, how can you support breast cancer research in your office? The answer is two simple words: office supplies. Every office needs office supplies to survive. You rely on them for communication, comfort, storage and organization, just to name a few. And well, if you’re already buying office supplies, why not buy them from an organization that supports breast cancer research?!

There are many office supply companies that donate all or a portion of their proceeds toward breast cancer research. Some do it all year, others during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is in October. It’s easy to find companies who sell office supplies online or in stores. All you have to do is ask or do a simple search online.

And it isn’t just about the pink ribbons! You can find everything from file folders to hanging folders, to desktop organizer trays, portfolios and more. Some of the office supplies will be available in pink so that you can show your support around the office.
It’s always a great time to get involved in the fight against breast cancer. But now, and especially during the Back-to-School season, it’s as good a time as any. When you’re out buying school supplies with your children, teach them about the importance of supporting charitable organizations and show them that supporting breast cancer research is a great way to do just that.

Myths of Cancer

1. Myth: Some types of cancer can be contagious
Truth: No type of cancer is contagious
Cancer is not an infectious disease. It is not transmitted through external physical contact,living or sitting together. However, there are two known contagious viruses, HPV (Human papillomavirus) and Hepatitis C that can cause cancer. HPV is a known risk factor for cervical cancer and Hep C causes liver cancer. Both viruses can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse and Hep C can also be transmitted through sharing needles or blood transfusions. But these infections are Contagious not the Cancer.

2. If your mom or dad had cancer, you will have it too
Truth – Cancer is not hereditary. The maternal and paternal cells that form fetus, do not become cancer cells.
Thus it is not possible that the offspring will contact cancer if his or her mother or father or both of them afflicted with cancer.Exceptional CANCER- Breast cancer,ovarian cancer,colorectal cancer can be passed down genetically
3. Myth: Every abnormal growth is cancerous
Truth: Abnormal growths termed ‘benign’ lack the ability to spread to other parts of the body like a cancer. The symptoms in this case are mostly caused due to the physical mass – cosmetic problems, obstructions (in intestine), pressure causing pain, nerve and blood vessel compression etc. Most of the benign tumors can remain untreated. If they are causing any of the above problems, they can be surgically removed. Cancer symptoms are different.

4. Myth: Men can’t have breast cancer
Truth: When we talk about cancer, men can also have breast cancer. Almost 80% men who are at risk aren’t even aware that they can have this ailment. If you are a man and have a lump around the chest area it is a good idea to have it checked.

5. Myth: Cancer is almost always fatal
Truth: Yes it can cause death but new treatment methods have made survival a distinct possibility. There are thousands of cancer patients who have fought and beat the disease

6. Myth: Positive thinking is enough to cure cancer
While maintaining a positive outlook during cancer treatment is essential, it will not cure cancer. Being optimistic helps with quality of life during treatment. There is no scientific evidence that a positive attitude will cure cancer.

7. Myth: Only smokers get lung cancer.
Truth: Along with smoking there are various things other causes of lung cancer. Heavy exposure to asbestos, radon, uranium, arsenic, genetic predisposition, heavy exposure to second hand smoke and lung scarring from any prior illness can all cause lung cancer.
8. Myth: Light or mild cigarettes are less harmful
Truth: Research suggests if anything light or mild cigarettes might actually be more harmful because smokers tend to drag on them longer than regular ones thus inhaling more smoke. In fact in 2010, a bill was passed in the United States that banned tobacco manufacturers to use the words light, mild or low on the cigarette packing. The only way to reduce the cancer risk is to quit smoking completely.
9. Myth: There is no way you can reduce your cancer risk
Truth: There are a lot of measures you can take that will significantly reduce your cancer risk. Abstaining from tobacco products, eating healthy, exercising, using protection during sexual intercourse, using sunscreen and avoiding intravenous drugs are some measures one can take to avoid health issues. Cancer treatment and prevention has a lot of avenues.
10. Myth: Surgery causes cancer to spread through the body
Truth: By the time the cancer is diagnosed and surgery is recommended, the cancer would have already started spreading to other parts of the body. This causes people to think the surgeries lead to spread of cancer. There is absolutely no data to support the fact that surgery or getting a biopsy can cause cancer to spread to unaffected body parts. Cancer treatment in India does not give any data in support of that.
11. Hair dye causes brain cancer.
There has been a lot of speculation about hair dye and cancer. It has been thought that hair dye caused several different types of cancers like bladder and breast cancer, but there is no evidence of it causing brain tumors. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on May 25, hair dye does not increase the risk of developing cancer.

12. Cell phones cause cancer.
Contrary to popular belief, cell phones are not believed to be a cause of cancer. There is no credible study available that consistently proves that using a cell phone has the ability to cause cancer.

13. Cancer causes hairloss.
Cancer does not cause hair loss. Hair loss is a side effect of cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Not everyone who has chemotherapy or radiation loses his or her hair either.

15. Wearing antiperspirants and deodorant can cause cancer.
According to the National Cancer Society, there is no conclusive evidence from recent studies that wearing them can cause breast cancer. This cancer myth is by far one of the most popular among women.

Exposed: The Connection Between Vasectomy Reversal and Anti Sperm Antibodies

There are several factors that can bring about infertility in a man. Some serious illnesses and side effects of some medicine could be some of these factors. Another reason could be the production of anti sperm antibodies where the body produces antibodies which mistake the sperms for foreign bodies and destroy them.

A barrier that is present in the testicles protects the sperms from any threat of attack but the anti sperm antibodies are able to penetrate this barrier in men who develop this condition. The sperms are destroyed by these antibodies such that they will not have the ability to fertilize the egg. This is because in case these antibodies attack the tail of the sperm, the sperms lose their ability to move and fertilize the egg but in case they attack the head of the sperm, the sperms cannot penetrate the egg hence fertilization cannot take place.

10% of the men having the inability to father children find out that the main reason could be due to the production of anti sperm anti bodies. One of the main contributing factors to the development of these antibodies is the cervical mucus present in some of the ladies. This mucus is not found in all ladies however this has been the case in almost 4O% of couples visiting fertility clinics complaining of their inability to have children are found to have this problem.

Other factors contributing to infertility include an injury occurring in the man’s testicles or in case the testicular sac is twisted, it may lead to the production of anti sperm antibodies .Any infection which affects the immune system may also be a contributing factor .A vasectomy reversal procedure may also bring about this condition coupled with other conditions such as cancer, lack of vas deferens since birth and testicular vasectomy. A large percentage of men who had a vasectomy reversal always develop anti sperm antibodies. It is possible to find out about the presence of these antibodies after a sample of the semen is tested. In case the doctor notices that the antibodies are present in the semen sample, he will also ask for the partner to have some tests carried out on her in the cervix in order to determine whether it is the cervical mucus that is causing it.

After the results of sperms show the presence of anti sperm antibodies, the situation becomes quite grim since the condition is quite difficult to treat. The kind of medicine required to treat this condition may pose very serious side effects on the patient’s health. Although thy can be used to provide a short time fertility, the effects cannot be permanent. This is because scientists have not yet unearthed a cure for this condition so prevention remains the best option. This calls for the man having a vasectomy when he is 100% sure that he does not require to sire more children in future. This is because despite the reversal procedure being offered for a vasectomy, some complications might arise. This calls for those who want to have a reversal carried out to ensure that they have the reversal carried out the soonest time possible in order to succeed.

Geftinat is used to treat lung cancer

Geftinat is used in the treatment of lung cancer. Geftinat which is also termed as Iressa, which suppresses the progression of melanoma (cancer) cells and diminishes their improvement and growth in a human body. Geftinat is applied in the treatment method of non-small cell lung cancer. If you often ignore to take your medicine, inform your health care provider. Also do inform your health care professional if you are obtaining or acquiring any other medication, such as organic drugs, items and medication that you buy without being prescribed by your physician.
For more information, please see the web site:

There’s no sure way to prevent lung cancer, but you can reduce your risk if you:
Don’t smoke. If you’ve never smoked, don’t start. Talk to your children about not smoking so that they can understand how to avoid this major risk factor for lung cancer. Begin conversations about the dangers of smoking with your children early so that they know how to react to peer pressure.Stop smoking. Stop smoking now. Quitting reduces your risk of lung cancer, even if you’ve smoked for years. Talk to your doctor about strategies and stop-smoking aids that can help you quit. Options include nicotine replacement products, medications and support groups.Avoid secondhand smoke. If you live or work with a smoker, urge him or her to quit. At the very least, ask him or her to smoke outside. Avoid areas where people smoke, such as bars and restaurants, and seek out smoke-free options.Test your home for radon. Have the radon levels in your home checked, especially if you live in an area where radon is known to be a problem. High radon levels can be remedied to make your home safer. For information on radon testing, contact your local department of public health or a local chapter of the American Lung Association.Avoid carcinogens at work. Take precautions to protect yourself from exposure to toxic chemicals at work. Follow your employer’s precautions. For instance, if you’re given a face mask for protection, always wear it. Ask your doctor what more you can do to protect yourself at work. Your risk of lung damage from workplace carcinogens increases if you smoke.Eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables. Choose a healthy diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Food sources of vitamins and nutrients are best. Avoid taking large doses of vitamins in pill form, as they may be harmful. For instance, researchers hoping to reduce the risk of lung cancer in heavy smokers gave them beta carotene supplements. Results showed the supplements actually increased the risk of cancer in smokers.Exercise most days of the week. If you don’t exercise regularly, start out slowly. Try to exercise most days of the week.

How To Treat Kidney Stone Fast And Effectively

Kidney stone is a health disorder formed due to crystallization of minerals and chemicals. Uric acid stones and calcium stones are two among the common types of kidney stones. Symptoms shown as a result of stone may not be unique always. Common symptoms shown as a result of stone formation include reddish brown colour urine, severe abdominal pain, fever and nausea. Causes leading way to the risk of kidney stone formation vary from one person to another. Improper diet schedule, over intake of vitamin D, vitamin A deficiency and sedentary lifestyle are some common causes reported for the formation of stones. Cures are usually prescribed according to the actual cause of problem. If you are in search of a supplement to cure kidney problems, it is advised to choose one made out of herbal ingredients.

Water melon is found to be as an effective cure for treating kidney stones. Diuretic property enriched in this remedy helps in flushing out small stones in kidney out of the body. Intake of water melon reduces body weight and improves metabolic functions. This in turn reduces the risk of kidney stone formation in body. As per research, water melon is found to be as a natural source of potassium and other micronutrients. It rejuvenates body cells and improves the functioning of kidney naturally. Improving energy production in cells, preventing cancer, and controlling blood sugar level are other health benefits of including water melon in diet. Kidney bean is another effective cure for treating stone formation. This natural home remedy has been used for centuries for the treatment of stones in kidney. In order to achieve best result, it is advised to include a good amount of kidney beans in diet schedule.

Celery is one among the best recommended cures for treating kidney stones. It dissolves gall bladder stones and enhances the functioning of kidney. Celery seed tea is a widely prescribed natural remedy for those people suffering from kidney disorders. As per studies, celery is found to be as a rich source of folic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus and amino acids. Apart from preventing the formation of kidney stones, regular inclusion of celery in diet promotes urination, reduces cholesterol level, cures constipation and improves nervous functions. Similar to celery, basil is another effective herbal cure for preventing stone formation. Regular intake of basil leaves helps in flushing out kidney stones from the body. For attaining optimum result, people with kidney disease are advised to intake a mixture of holy basil leaves and honey consistently for six months duration.

Grape juice with high diuretic value is a safe cure for treating stones in kidney. Anti-oxidants enriched in this fruit juice delays aging impact and improves kidney function safely. Other health benefits of drinking grape juice include controlling cholesterol, lowering blood pressure level, purifying blood and reducing body weight. Intake of vitamin B6 is found to be as an excellent cure for treating stones in kidney. Some among the best recommended food items enriched in vitamin B6 include peanuts, sunflower seeds, meat, whole grains and beans. St John’s wort, horsetail, yarrow and agrimony are other herbal cures for treating kidney stones.

Cause of Excessive Sweating: Medical Diseases

Medically known as Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating is a serious condition pertaining to the over stimulated sweat glands which produce sweats. Instead of responding to sweat – inducing stimuli, the glands become abnormal and works even without apparent reasons. This is a difficult situation especially when trying to live life normally. It can cause emotional setbacks like low self-esteem and social withdrawal. The Sympathetic nervous system is held responsible for this condition.

Knowing the underlying causes that trigger this disorder is important to be able to understand how and why it happens to a number of people. The reasons may be bad diet, hormonal imbalance, medications and diseases. Since the first three causes are easily relatable and common, this article will focus more on the medical cause of excessive sweating; diseases or illnesses. Infections like Tuberculosis, Lymphoma, Hyperthyroidism and Hypoglycemia are some of the medical problems associated with the sweating disorder.

Pulmonary Tuberculosis or TB is an infection attacking the lungs. The bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis spreads the infection to the whole body affecting the immune system. It is considered a contagious dreadful disease. The symptoms of this may be weight loss, fatigue, coughing of blood/phlegm, fever, chest pains and night heavy sweating.

Lymphoma is a sickness that may a culprit for excessive sweating. This is associated with the lymphatic system of the body. It originates from lymphoid tissues and forms painless lumps in any body parts. It is a common type of cancer causing deaths. The symptoms may appear as swollen lymph nodes, tiredness/weakness, difficulty breathing, abdominal swelling, chest pain, fever and heavy sweating especially at night.

Hyperthyroidism is another disease that may bring about profuse sweating. This refers to the over activity of the thyroid producing hormones which hastens metabolism. Releasing thyroid hormones in a short period of time leads to this medical issue. This problem results from too much iodine, non – cancerous growth of thyroid gland, excess thyroid hormones, or inflammation. The symptoms for Hyperthyroidism include fatigue, increased sweating, restlessness, weight loss, goiter, heat intolerance, increased appetite, nervousness and frequent bowel movements.

Hypoglycemia is common in diabetic people when too much insulin lowers the blood sugar during treatment. Also, when glucose is slowly flowing into the bloodstream, and exercise without right amount of food leads to this disease. Thus it may cause fatigue, coma, convulsions, headache, confusion, hunger, irritability and cold sweats too.